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Cindi LaRaia in AfricaAfrica Discovery was founded in 1996 by Cindi LaRaia, whose love for the continent of Africa began as a little girl watching Tarzan movies. Hokey I know, however the love grew into a deep desire to help conserve and educate those of us unaware of the atrocities of poaching and why it happens. To expose us to the incredible culture of the African people; their beliefs and the personal experience their cultural heritage can inspire in us. And to view and cherish the beloved African animals of this incredible continent, Africa.

Cindi started her travel in Africa first with viewing the Great White sharks in cages near Cape Town, as an avid diver and adventurer. Then spent 3 weeks driving in Southern Africa to see the countries, the game reserves and to discover the people of Africa. Since then she has led photographic safaris all over southern Africa and Madagascar.

Why book with Africa Discovery when there other choices in African travel companies to choose from? I can offer you my honest answer here. We have been selling Africa destinations since 1986 . I, Cindi LaRaia founded the company, and have been leading groups all over East Africa and Southern Africa since then. We use only the finest ground operators, that continue to win awards in conservation, local people education and job placements. Emphasizing the importance of combining the importance of wildlife conservation and community development.

Mountain Gorilla Trek in Rwanda with Africa DiscoveryI believe in traveling to the areas we sell and sending my staff on location so we are best equipped to offer you true first hand experience with unbiased options and opinions. This is very important in the planning and final decision making process for your beloved once a year and or first time holiday to Africa! We check out the new camps and lodges that come on the scene as we are very picky on who we choose to represent! There is a standard that must be met for the comfort and safety of our discerning clients and adventurers. We learn what our diverse clientele need or desire and work hard to match up the right country and lodge or camp with the right person and budget.

We are here to serve your every need, wish and desire and to give you the best value for your hard earned dollar! The principals of which our company is based: professional, personalized service to our customers, and the best way for you to enjoy Africa and all her nuances in comfort and safety.

Sunset drive in RwandaMy confidence is based on the belief in the high quality people involved in this enterprise and my own standard of excellence!

I invite you to give us an opportunity to serve you.

Cindi LaRaia & the Africa Discovery Team!