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Kafue Horse Safaris  - African Adventure - Africa Discovery Zambia

Kafue Horse SafarisZambia is situated at the Northern tip of what is known as Southern Africa and is a landlocked state home to the legendary Victoria Falls at Livingstone. The country proudly holds the title of “The Real Africa’ as it still has vast tracts of pristine wilderness which lend themselves beautifully for those true game enthusiasts.

Kafue Horse SafarisKafue Horse Safaris is based on the outskirts of Kafue National Park in the South West of Zambia. This is the largest and oldest National Park in the country and covers an area of some 22480 sq km encompassing a vast and impressive range of scenery and wildlife. The lovely Kafue River and its perennial tributaries contribute to the great diversity of the landscapes which makes this one of the most interesting and rewarding African parks to visit.

Kafue Horse SafarisAdditionally the base for Kafue Horse Safaris will be near the glorious Lake Itezhi-tezhi at the South Eastern base of the park – this lake covers an area of 370sq km – and it varied shore line includes grassy banks cropped by hippo, rocky bays and stretches of submerged tress which provide perfect perches for water birds, such as the fish eagle – the national symbol of Zambia – Cormorant and a host of other birds.

There are twenty-three species of large herbivores in the park and surrounding areas, including large herds of elephant, zebra, wildebeest and it is not uncommon to see buffalo herds of 1000 plus roaming across the plains. There are also eleven species of carnivores – with impressive packs of wild dog – and a huge diversity of reptiles and amphibians. Over 500 species of birds have been recorded to date. As you explore, a flash of brightly coloured feathers or a melodious song will often welcome you.

Kafue Horse SafarisThe terrain is varied with huge teak forests, endless open plains with majestic Lala palms swaying in the breeze and the shore line of the great lake which will make you feel you are standing on the edge of sea so vast are its dimensions. The Nkala Fortified camp is a site of special interest and situated within riding distance of the lodge. This is a national monument found at the top of Nakalomwe hill, Captain Hamilton and Lieutenant Warrington of the Barotse Police built it in 1901. It was on the mail runner’s route to the Kafue Hook copper mines and near the proposed route for the Cape to Cairo railway.

The combination of history, large herds of big game, diversity of antelope species and other wildlife make this park and horse safari a truly amazing experience.

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