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If you want to see Africa, now is the time to do it! Camps are still offering free nights for so many night stays in all of Southern Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, & Zimbabwe. (The US government has lifted the travel warning and renewed interest in the country has already been noticed This is as a result of the current coalition government that has seen Morgan Tsvangirai instituted as Prime Minister and which has brought new optimism to the country)

**Zim is one of my favorite countries with awesome GAME, if you really want the deal of the century in Africa, this would be the place!**

On the List of ‘100 Animals to see before they Die’ Black Rhino is one of them (Namibia has done a great job of bringing them back from extinction, no real poaching there)

Gorillas in Rwanda SafariAfrican Wild Dog is another, an amazing pack animal, a must see! Botswana and South Africa has a healthy population of them with the very best chance to see them. My favorite being the Mountain Gorilla. Easiest to see them from Rwanda, Uganda in East Africa is great also but a bit more of a hike and longer time in country.
**Best time is now through end of October then it gets hot & humid**

East Africa: NOW is the time to go up until end of October, great deals all over Kenya & Tanzania. It is beautiful and the people are so lovely!! Do you have spare miles, check to see if you can get to Nairobi, I will do the rest!

Tanzania: Selous Project (walking and or fly camps in the bush) very intimate only 6 people max. Luxury deep in the bush, whatever the group wants to do, vehicles, walking, etc. Very southern Selous, very remote.
Northern Tanzania before the Selous Project in small luxury tented camps.

'I have been waiting for something like this to come along with the Selous Project! In the middle of the wild bush, in the deep south of Tanzania, no one else around and we decide as a group of 6 what we want to day by day,,,,ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Lemala Tented Camps are a wonderful way to see the northern areas of Tanzania; The Serengeti & NGORONGORO Crater, they are a small boutique camp. A wonderful combination for Tanzania!' -- Cindi  more about Selous Project...

*side trips to Gorilla trek or see the Chimpanzees at Mahale.  more ...

Diving: New Live aboard out of Nosy Be, 6nt trips on small Live aboard, whale season and calm seas.
Land Adventures: There are many Lemur habitats all uniquely different each hosting different Lemurs. Touring around to witness the beauty of these very endangered species will help ensure the basic survival if possible, it is a must see on your list.

Biodiversity hotspot Exposed to tropical cyclones Population 20 million 70% live on less than $1 a day French colony until 1960 World's No 1 vanilla producer

The world's fourth largest island and one of only four global biodiversity hotspots, Madagascar is home to animals as bizarre as the hog-nosed snake and hairy-eared dwarf lemur. Most of what the Indian Ocean island has to offer visitors exists nowhere else in the world. more ...

**PLEASE NOTE, we do not show here all that is on sale now in Africa, too many to list. We can offer custom trips with your budget in mind based on availability for the remainder of 2009**

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