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Tanzania Safaris

Game viewing safaris in Tanzania are outstanding and offer a diverse landscape and some of the most abundant populations of wildlife in Africa. An extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime adventure awaits you, whether it's camping and mountaineering at Mt. Kilimanjaro, bird watching at Lake Manyara with its thousands of flamingoes, witnessing the annual wildlife migration on the vast savannah plains of the Serengeti or along the banks of the Grumeti River, wildlife game drives and stunning scenic views of the Ngorongoro Crater, experience the broad range and largest numbers of antelope species near the hot volcanic springs of Selous Game Reserve, traverse remote, mysterious and seasonal Ruaha National Park, or view the dense wildlife populations in Tarangire National Park. African safaris in Tanzania have it all.

Kenya Safaris

Kenya wildlife safaris offer a wonderful variety of landscape, a rich and fascinating culture and of course fabulous wildlife. The Masai Mara, Kenya's most popular game reserve, offers fantastic all-year-round game viewing in wide open plains which allow you to spot both variety and numbers of animals with ease. In addition, the Mara shares the Migration with the Serengeti safaris, so almost two million wildebeest, zebra and gazelle traverse the region usually beginning from late June. Amboseli, in southern Kenya, offers views of Mount Kilimanjaro, as well as zebra, wildebeest, lion, buffalo, elephant, giraffe and leopard among many others. The arid Tsavo is home to many of the wonderfully stout baobab trees and famous for its lions, is a great wilderness area with prolific game and bird life. Mount Kenya, the second highest mountain in Africa, stands on the equator yet has a snow-covered peak and spectacular flora & fauna. Lake Naivasha is a popular stopover for those on their way from modern, bustling Nairobi to Mount Kenya or the game rich triad of reserves at Samburu, Buffalo Springs and Shaba. Kenya has been inspiration to writers, artists, photographers and movie producers for decades and will become an inspiration for you.

Gorilla Safaris in Rwanda and Uganda

To make your African wildlife safari a perfect dream we suggest adding on the rare opportunity for one of our gorilla safaris Rwanda or a Uganda wildlife sightseeing mountain trek through the mist for gorillas. Sharing 97% of human DNA the incredible, gentle and intelligent mountain gorilla are fast becoming limited in population. Rwanda and Uganda not only offer an amazing cultural history and experience unsurpassed in biodiversity, but also the awesome opportunity to view these gentle giants in their ever dwindling natural habitat. Primate safaris are the most popular attraction but certainly not the only aspect the discerning eco-traveler seeks. There are many species of wildlife, 13 rare primate species, over 300 bird species and approx. 100 rare orchid species to be sought out, photographed and enchanted by.

Southern Africa

South Africa Safaris

We can guide you to choose the best South Africa game lodge or Kruger National Park Resorts to view the "Big 5" wildlife in Africa. Customize your dream vacation and add any number of fabulous side trips to your wildlife safari like: Cape Town Tours, great white shark cage diving, Soweto cultural tour, Zulu culture and history experience, Rocktail Bay sea turtle hatchery and conservation, scuba diving and beach lounging along South Africa's expansive wild coast from the Garden Route, Protea Banks, Aliwol Shoals to Sodwana & Kosi Bays or a luxury accommodation on a Stellenbosch Wine Estate to round off and complete your South Africa vacations.

Botswana Safaris

Some of our most popular and amazing programs are the Botswana Adventure Safari and wildlife tours. Safaris to Botswana are considered by many to be the overall best wildlife experiences in the world. Varying in topography from the Okavango Delta, which is abundant and lush to the semi-arid Kalahari Desert, which may sound as though it's barren, is actually habitat for some of the most rare wildlife species on earth. The enormous Makgadikgadi salt pans, once a great lake, are home to flocks of rosy flamingos, herds of blue wildebeest and various antelope. The Savuti and Linyanti channels and Chobe National Park are renowned for its high migrating elephant populations, while hippos echo along the riverfront, wild dog and leopard roam about and the lions call their young cubs for dinner. Each area offers a special experience unto itself.

Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia Safaris

Further your southern Africa adventure to include Namibia safaris and tours, Zimbabwe safaris and the incredible natural wonder of the world: Victoria Falls, viewed from either side (Zimbabwe or Zambia) is a breathtaking site to behold. Safaris in Lusaka Zambia or the South Luangwa National Park region are spectacular and off the beaten path for a more intimate and up close wildlife safari without the tourist crowds.

Pure excitement no matter how long you stay or where you go. Whether its wildlife, culture, wine or water sports that draws you to Southern Africa, we can organize a tour to fulfill your wildest dreams and greatest expectations!

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